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My name is Aly D. I've been writing poetry since seven years old. The first two were love. I write poems with all emotions and imagination. There are happy, comedy, depression, aggression, violence, love, life, break up, thankful, religious, and medical poems. All are written about different points of time in life or are just from my imagination. As I say, you give me a word or two and I will immediately make a poem for you.

There were two published in my high school yearbook and was published monthly in the New York Institute of Technology GAM newspaper. In college I won creativity awards for my poems, slideshows and collages. 

Two of my poems were published by Poetry Movement. The first is "Riding in the Light."  The second one is "Happiness."  They are able to be ordered through Barns and Nobles.  One of my religious poems was published by Our Lady of Mercy Church. In their newspaper Mercy Mirror. Medical poems were published for Beth Israel Hospital Child Neurology Center. NYU FACES  Albany Epilepsy Foundation , and The National Epilepsy Foundation published a website with eight poems.   "Cartoon Maniac" was published by Albany Poets, where I went to perform and receive a copy of the book. Three poems that are in my book,  were published by, Written Rocks in an Anthology. The title of the book is, "Short Circuit An Epileptic Journey," a poetic/memoir based on when I was diagnosed to now.

I attended New York State Writing  Institute located at Skidmore College July 2016, and won the first 90 second open mic contest there. I was accepted to Vermont Writing Retreat and attended February 2017.  I was also once again published by NYU FACES March/April news-letter, only thing this time it was an interview. 

Inspired Word NYC is a group I perform with every week, and was also a featured poet at the LIC Literary Festival 2016 and 2017. I was also a feature at Albany Poetry 2016 and 2018, The BXBK Book Fair 2019,  NYU Medical University 2019 , Columbia University Medical School 2019, The Story Collida 2019, IABX book fair 2019 to this summer, Albany State University 2023 and Adelphi University Medical School.

"A Creative Creature!"

Riding in the Light

A knight in shining armor 

Riding in the light 

With no fright

A  lover

A cover 

A sex shield 

A healer

A feeler 

Helping all to stay happy

Fighting for freedom 

Until the light dims at night

A knight in shining armor 

Riding in the light

By Alyssa D'Amico


It rains in the brain

Just like 

Water and lightning

Hot like the oven 

Deep like the sea 

It's heavy adrenalin 

Just like me

Got me good 

Now you see !

I ain't mad nor sad

I'm worn and torn

I got a cord going down my back

And am ready to attack

Those who refuse

To  be bruised

Be rough 

With those who think you suck

So what I don't give a  fuck!

It doesn't matter

It just doesn't matter

By Alyssa D'Amico

Cartoon Maniac

I am a cartoon maniac and addict

Age doesn’t matter

But only the 20th century will do

Not too kiddy

Just Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, WB Saturday and certain


Those old Friday’s were so much fun

An apple a day will keep the doctor away, but not Kids WB

I’m as insane as Animaniac

Cute as Dot

Childish like Tiny Toons

Curious as Cow and Chicken

Trouble maker like Alvin

Brave as Wonder Woman

Annoying like The Tick

Dangerous as Stimpy

Investigator like Inspector Gadget

Quick as Sonic the Hedgehog

Smart like the Brain

Scared as Nightmare Ned

Fight like The Angary Beavers

Powerful as a Power Puff Girl

Can transform like the Pink Ranger

Friendly as Todd

Fearless like Courage the Cowardly Dog

Loving as Belle

Delicate like a Rugrat

Evil as The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Mean like Magneto

Funny as Fairly Odd Parents

Beautiful like Jessica Rabbit

Imaginative as Chalk Zone

Gambler like Fred Flintstone

Creative as Dr. Seuss

Lost like Ed, Edd, and Eddy

Determined as Dexter

Athletic like Rocket Power

Talkative as Yogi

Wild like Taz

Strange as Creepy Crawlers

In out of space like a Jetson

Because I am a cartoon maniac and addict

Age doesn’t matter

By Alyssa D'Amico


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